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June 28-July 3, 2021: ZoomInfo releases ‘ZoomInfo Recruiter’ to identify and communicate with talent faster; The AI-powered recruiting startup TopFunnel acquired the referral-based company Teamable to create an end-to-end sourcing platform; RepVue emerges from stealth and raises $1 million to help employers source salespeople; SHRM reports that job seekers have gained the upper hand in the job market thanks to unprecedented demand and a dwindling supply of applicants; ResumeSieve launches a crowdfunding campaign to tap small as well as larger investors; The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals holds that the individual shareholders of a public company do have standing to challenge California’s law requiring female representation in corporate boardrooms; and Tim Berners-Lee, the guy who invented the world wide web, has auctioned off its source code.

ZoomInfo Releases ‘ZoomInfo Recruiter’ to Identify and Reach Top Talent Faster

ZoomInfo, a global leader in go-to-market intelligence solutions, announced the general availability of the ZoomInfo Recruiter platform. ZoomInfo Recruiter is built specifically for recruiting teams to identify, target, and connect with top talent so they can fill open requisitions with the right individuals quickly and efficiently. Through the platform, staffing agencies, executive recruiters, corporate recruiters, and sourcers can uncover data such as work history, educational background, and department organizational charts to better understand candidates’ managerial, functional, and technical experience. Recruiters can apply preset filters in order to focus on specific initiatives, including diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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AI-powered Recruiting Startup TopFunnel Announces Acquisition of Referral-Based Company Teamable to Offer End-to-End Sourcing Platform

TopFunnel, the AI-powered recruiting startup that high-growth companies use to scale, announced the acquisition of Teamable to supercharge referral-based recruiting. Teamable is the employee referral platform that transforms social networks into high-performance talent pools. Since TopFunnel was founded in 2017 to empower both recruiters and employees through the talent acquisition process, it has rapidly become the secret weapon that high-growth companies like Plaid, Rubrik, Noom, and InVision have relied on to scale their teams. TopFunnel's AI-driven approach automates much of the recruiting process, helping to source the right candidates for the right roles — and send them the right message. Similarly, Teamable's referral software aggregates employees' contacts from their social and professional networks to provide recruiters with a more focused group of potential candidates. The combined platform will help deliver even better recruiting recommendations, and each product will also continue to be available on a standalone basis.

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B2B sales information platform backed by Scot Wingo emerges from stealth, raises $1M

RepVue, a business-to-business platform designed to drive transparency about sales organizations, is emerging from stealth mode in big ways today: Raising $1 million in seed funding and securing the backing of veteran Triangle entrepreneur and investor Scot Wingo. Led by Ryan Walsh – a veteran of ecommerce services provider ChannelAdvisor which was launched by Wingo two decades ago – RepVue is getting an infusion of capital from Knoll Ventures and Alerion Ventures. “The funding round validates and strengthens RepVue’s mission of driving transparency in sales organizations and enabling sales professionals to discover and engage with career opportunities that best fit their skills and experience,” the company said.

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Job Seekers Are Gaining Control over Hiring

The U.S. labor market is facing an abnormal summer: Millions of open jobs and nowhere near enough applicants indicate a shift in power that has given job seekers the upper hand in recruiting and hiring. Labor market data coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented—a record number of available jobs and historical highs in workers quitting and retiring have pushed employers to offer higher wages, signing bonuses and other perks, and to open up jobs to more teenage workers.

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The Resume Sieve Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

A Note from our CEO: For the past couple of months we've been working on our crowdfunding campaign, and today our launch is finally here! I’m excited to share with you that ResumeSieve’s fundraising round is now live on WeFunder. ResumeSieve is on a mission to disrupt traditional recruiting practices by putting innovative tools in the hands of those who are doing the hard work of recruiting. Our launch provides an opportunity to invest with as little as a $100 commitment. we'd like to ask for your support and invite you to check out our campaign page!

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Appeals Court Holds Shareholders Have Standing to Challenge California Law Requiring Women on Public Company Boards of Directors

In a 3-0 decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held in Meland v. Weber, that individual shareholders of a public company have standing under Article III of the U.S. Constitution to pursue claims challenging California’s law requiring female representation in corporate boardrooms. The Court determined that because individual shareholders vote on selection of individuals to serve on the company’s Board of Directors, shareholders could plausibly allege that the law requires or encourages shareholders to discriminate based on sex, and such allegations would establish an adequate pleading of an injury in fact that supports the individual shareholder’s own Fourteenth Amendment challenge to the law.

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The Keys to the Web Auctioned Off By Inventor

The web’s source code is being auctioned as an NFT, and the bidding (at the time of this writing) stands at $3.5 million. The NFT was created by British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the world wide web. [Editor’s Note: ICYMI, the auction closed on June 30 with lot sold for $5,434,500 USD]

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