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February 21-27, 2022:

• A big step forward in recruitment marketing: StepStone launches employer branding business;

• Let the sun shine in: NYC requires job postings to include min and max salary for all openings;

• Colonel Mustard in the library: New SaaS platform Clu plans to solve the talent market mystery;

• Accentuating the scale to acquire talent: Jobvite, JazzHR & NXTThing RPO rebrand as Employ;

• Avoiding bias in machines: New research shows that training data diversity can help and hurt.


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StepStone launches an employer branding & solutions business

StepStone has launched an employer branding business it calls Employer Branding & Solutions. As it describes the service, “Employer branding is more than ever an important part of HR – but too often it is still thought of separately from recruiting. We combine employer branding and online recruiting and thus develop integrated and tailor-made solutions that fit your needs exactly. In this way, you can develop your full potential in personnel recruitment. Whether large or small – we will find the right solution for your way to a strong employer brand. The added value for you? A seamless candidate journey and higher employer attractiveness – with a full-service guarantee in all phases of the project.

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NYC employers will soon be required to disclose salaries in job postings

Job seekers in New York City will no longer have to take a shot in the dark when asked about their salary expectations. Effective May 15, 2022, employers with four or more workers in New York City will soon be required to post the minimum and maximum salary range for any job within the city. The city’s wage transparency law aims to help alleviate sex-based wage disparities by establishing a level field for pay practices. Int. 1208-2018 amends the New York City Human Rights Law and applies to external job advertisements and internal announcements concerning promotions or transfer opportunities. The posted salary range should represent the compensation that the employer anticipates offering “in good faith” at the time of the posting.

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New recruitment platform launches to disrupt “broken” recruitment market

A revolutionary new recruitment platform promising to improve the inclusiveness, experience and accuracy of hiring for both candidates and employers is set to disrupt the $88bn global recruitment market. SaaS platform Clu has created an updated hiring process that gives candidates an ‘equitable and safeguarded’ opportunity to demonstrate their value to organisations and get hired into roles they would thrive in. It aims to be the leader in advocacy for candidates by challenging outdated hiring processes and increasing social and economic mobility. The new platform is a direct response to the current broken recruitment market where recent research found 83% of candidates have reported a bad hiring experience, while 80% of employees don’t have the right skills for the job, resulting in nearly half of new hires moving on within 18 months at a cost of 30% of the employer's potential first-year earnings to each business. Clu uniquely challenges bias in the hiring process and removes systemic barriers to entry, such as cover letters and CVs. It empowers candidates to demonstrate their technical and transferable skills, preventing candidates from being qualified by what they’ve done, instead focusing on what they can do.

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Jobvite, JazzHR, and NXTThing RPO unite under employ brand

Jobvite, the leading end-to-end talent acquisition solution provider, today announced the launch of a newly-formed parent company, Employ Inc. The new corporate identity reflects the significant business transformation the Company has undergone since joining forces with JazzHR and NXTThing RPO to create the market leader in talent acquisition solutions. As the only organization of its scale focused exclusively on recruiting and talent acquisition, Employ has been rapidly disrupting the market over the past year, leading to substantial growth. Employ now serves more than 12,000 customers and operates a network of 1,200 partners to host 1.2 million open jobs and manage 270+ million candidates. “Today marks the next stage of Employ’s exciting growth journey, enabling us to accelerate new, innovative offerings that transform how organizations solve their greatest recruiting challenges," said Pete Lamson, Chief Executive Officer of Employ. “Employ’s award-winning solutions coupled with our DE&I focus enable our customers to achieve their diversity and hiring objectives.”

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Can machine-learning models overcome biased datasets?

Artificial intelligence systems may be able to complete tasks quickly, but that doesn’t mean they always do so fairly. If the datasets used to train machine-learning models contain biased data, it is likely the system could exhibit that same bias when it makes decisions in practice. For instance, if a dataset contains mostly images of white men, then a facial-recognition model trained with these data may be less accurate for women or people with different skin tones. A group of researchers at MIT, in collaboration with researchers at Harvard University and Fujitsu Ltd., sought to understand when and how a machine-learning model is capable of overcoming this kind of dataset bias. They used an approach from neuroscience to study how training data affects whether an artificial neural network can learn to recognize objects it has not seen before. A neural network is a machine-learning model that mimics the human brain in the way it contains layers of interconnected nodes, or “neurons,” that process data. The new results show that diversity in training data has a major influence on whether a neural network is able to overcome bias, but at the same time dataset diversity can degrade the network’s performance. They also show that how a neural network is trained, and the specific types of neurons that emerge during the training process, can play a major role in whether it is able to overcome a biased dataset.

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