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April 18-24, 2022:

• Removing friction from the job seeker experience: CV-Library launches DirectApply API;

• Standing in the way of AI development: Corporate adoption of AI hits an HR roadblock;

• Reaching more of the world’s talent: Getting Hired expands its diversity & inclusion platform;

• Battling for talent across the border: Big Tech hiring cements Canada as Silicon Valley North;

• Doing it right at the start: AI startups finally get on board with ethics and are “loving it”.


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CV-Library launches DirectApply API

British recruitment vertical CV-Library has launched a new API that allows candidates to apply directly so recruiters can automate their application process by sending applicants directly into the recruiters ATS. The new process has been rolled out to combat the problem whereby 90% of candidates abandon the application process if they are redirected from a job board to a different career site. This is even more important at a time when a shortage of applicants means converting good applications is even more valuable. Previously candidates would either submit applications via email to the recruiter or be directed to an external career site to complete an application form. The new functionality means when a job is posted on CV-Library, a webhook URL can be provided so when a candidate clicks apply, their application data and CV is submitted directly to the webhook URL, rather than to another website to complete the process. This data then goes straight to the ATS. Many ATS’s already support data submission via webhooks, making the process relatively straightforward in most cases.

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The AI Revolution Hits an HR Roadblock

Artificial intelligence was thrust into the public consciousness in the late 1960s courtesy of the Stanley Kubrick movie "2001: A Space Odyssey." Now our fascination with AI has broadened to include its potential to revolutionize the business world. We're able to spot changing trends and consumer habits in near real time, automatically detect fraud and anomalous behavior, and help sales and marketing teams fine-tune messaging to hit targeted audiences with laser precision. No wonder 81 percent of senior executives say their business uses AI (up from 48 percent in 2018) and 93 percent report that AI makes their business more competitive, according to the Emerging Tech Executive Report from RELX. But all is not well in the land of AI. Big HR challenges lie firmly across the path of broad adoption and the realization of AI's potential. A talent shortage stands in the way of the deployment and full utilization of AI in U.S. companies. Whether through lack of training, difficulties in hiring or headhunters luring away top talent, AI technologists are in short supply. Yet they are needed more than ever, and their skills will be coveted for many years to come.

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Getting Hired Expands Diversity & Inclusion Talent Platform

Getting Hired, Inc., an Allegis Group company, announces the expansion of its talent engagement platform to engage and serve additional underrepresented groups in the workforce, and the launch of Diversity Talent Sourcing, a new direct sourcing offering. Both initiatives align with Getting Hired’s mission of breaking down barriers within talent acquisition for job seekers and employers. Getting Hired’s virtual communities now expand beyond Individuals with Disabilities to also include Veterans and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). Additional virtual communities will be added quarterly with Advancing Women, LBGTQIA+ and Generational Dynamics all slated for 2022. Getting Hired’s Diversity Talent Sourcing offering leverages the platform’s access to multiple historically underrepresented talent groups and amplifies its impact and reach through the artificial intelligence capabilities of QuantumWork, our cloud-based intelligent sourcing platform.

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Big Tech hiring cements Canada's status as Silicon Valley North

Recent moves by U.S. technology giants Meta, Google and Amazon to significantly beef up their presence and staffing levels in Canada have cemented the country's status as a growing hub for technology talent. While Canada's tech boom may be welcome news for those who dream of working for these tech giants, it comes at a cost for local startups, which suddenly have to compete with foreign Goliaths for the country's best and brightest. "The more companies are being created and built, the more pressure there is," said Jeremy Shaki, co-founder of Lighthouse Labs, a Toronto-based technology education company that offers coding boot camps and other services for people looking to level up their careers. Shaki says it's no secret why large foreign tech firms are eager to set up shop in Canada; beyond the access to new customers, Canadian universities are cranking out skilled workers at a rapid clip — and they often come at a fraction of what they would cost in places like Silicon Valley.

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AI Startups Finally Getting Onboard With AI Ethics And Loving It

Often, the focus of an AI startup is primarily about getting some tangible AI system out the door as quickly as possible. There is usually tremendous pressure to produce an MVP (minimally viable product). Investors are skittish about putting money into some newfangled AI contrivance that might not be buildable, and therefore the urgency to craft an AI pilot or prototype is paramount. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Many AI startups are all about being heads down and churning out sufficient AI code to make their AI dream appear to be plausible. In that sense of attention, there is little interest in worrying about AI ethics. The usual assumption is that any Ethical AI considerations can be bolted on once the AI core is showcased. This is a mindset that any semblance of AI ethics is merely icing on the cake and not at all integral to the making of the cake. Sure, those AI ethics are a proverbial nice to have, and if time permits you’ll plant some Ethical AI elements here or there, but otherwise that whole idea of dutifully incorporating AI ethics is seen as farfetched and not a real-world concern.

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