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TAtech Membership: Ethical Differentiation

HR and Talent Acquisition leaders are increasingly focused on the ethics of the solution providers with products they are considering. They take their fiduciary responsibility to their employer seriously and therefore, want to be sure that any supplier with which they work is committed to the highest standards of business practices and behavior.

That’s what makes the TAtech Code of Ethics so important. It is an affirmative statement of principles that every TAtech Member organization accepts when they join the Association. They can then display the TAtech Member icon on their site and thereby set themselves apart in the marketplace with that public expression of their adherence to a set of explicit and unequivocal ethical guidelines.

And, the Code is just one of the important benefits your company will gain with TAtech membership. There are discounts on registering and sponsoring at TAtech conferences, free distribution of company news and announcements, priority consideration for prime speaking slots at TAtech events and much, much more.

So don’t delay!
Make your company a TAtech Member today.