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TAtech Membership
The Benefits That Will Set You Apart

Whether you operate a job board, work for a recruitment marketing agency or provide a programmatic platform, a conversational AI product or an applicant tracking system, competition is tough and getting tougher.

How can you move to the front of the pack? And stay there?

Join TAtech. It delivers the benefits that will set you apart.

What are they? Here is just some of what TAtech provides its Members:

Recognition of their thought leadership with speaking slots at its B2B and B2C conferences;

Distribution of their press releases, news and other announcements on social media;

Promotion of their brand by featuring their blog posts in its weekly global HR/TA newsletter;

Celebration of the good they do for their customers and community in a biweekly webcast;

PLUS, exclusive discounts on registrations and sponsorships at its conferences.

Give your company the competitive advantage it deserves!

Make it a TAtech Member today.