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Using AI Effectively in Talent Acquisition

Using AI effectively in talent acquisition doesn’t require a degree in data science or an expertise in crafting algorithms only machines could love.

What is does require is an exploration of lessons learned from real world applications and a hype-free introduction to emerging capabilities, all without a bunch of techno-mumbo-jumbo.

Where can you get that kind of insight? At the TAtech Leadership Summit on Applications of Recruiting AI for Enterprise Employers, coming up at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center on October 25. It’s all about leveraging the power and promise of this rapidly maturing technology in the talent market.

The Summit is designed for corporate and industry TA thought leaders, so is:
• held in an academic setting to promote meaningful dialogue and bilateral learning;
• structured to provide a content-rich exploration of a critical talent acquisition topic; and
• limited to a single day to minimize the time away from your day-to-day responsibilities.

If you’re looking to connect with other innovators in talent acquisition who are interested in transforming artificial intelligence into a competitive advantage, this is one conference you cannot afford to miss. Seating is limited, so register today!