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Vfunction exits stealth to transform monolithic enterprise apps into cloud-native microservices

How open banking is driving huge innovation

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Vfunction, a Palo Alto-based startup that wants to help enterprises automatically transform complex, monolithic applications into cloud-native microservices architecture, has emerged from stealth today and announced a $12.2 million seed funding round.

With every company now effectively a software company, businesses are seeking ways to build applications with agility and ease-of-maintenance at their core. The transition from tightly woven, monolithic apps to microservices is already well underway. Uber kicked off a massive rewrite back in 2015, shifting to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to “break up the monolith into multiple codebases,” as the company said at the time. And Netflix has long touted its decision to switch from its own private datacenters to the public cloud and a microservices architecture as a key component of