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Watching Howard Stern

If you liked watching Howard Stern (or any other talk show host), you’re gonna’ love the TAtech - Recruiting Future podcast conference – Peering Into the Future of Talent Acquisition!

This unique digital event – the first-ever podcast conference – will give you a chance to watch five back-to-back, live interviews, each with two thought leaders – one from an employer and one from a solution provider. Together with the podcast host, Matt Alder, they’ll share their perspectives on:
• The Future of Recruitment Marketing
• The Future of Technology and DE&I
• The Future of AI & the Candidate Experience
• The Future of Recruitment Advertising
• The Future of Recruitment Automation

The live shows will also be recorded for subsequent downloading as podcasts. In effect, you can watch from your desktop while the show is going on or listen later as you’re jogging around the neighborhood or both. The conversation will be that good!

If you like watching talk shows, you’re gonna’ love this!

If you like listening to podcasts, you’re gonna’ really love this!

And, if you like smart people tackling tough topics, you’re gonna’ totally love this!

The Recruiting Future podcast is one of the most popular in the field of talent acquisition with 50,000+ monthly listeners in both North America and throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Registration is free and open to all.
Join us!