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Who’s Gonna’ Win, Who’s Gonna’ Lose, Who’s Gonna’ Surprise Everyone

2024 Predictions by Alexander Chukovski. CEO

Alexander Chukovski is a prolific commentator on LinkedIn and a regular columnist for TAtech. Each December, he pens a set of predictions for the coming year. As always, he pulls no punches. But whether you agree or disagree with him, he’s always thought provoking and insightful.

Here’s a brief summary of just some of this year’s prognostications. You can read his full post here.

Consolidations in the programmatic space

“Either the top two players will try to acquire local experts to gain a competitive advantage in a country, or they will try to push prices down to grab customers from the small players without a unique value proposition.

“Either way, by the end of 2024, we will have an acquisition, and some companies will stop operating.”

Google Job Ads will launch in Q1 in the US, Q2 in the UK, and Q4 in the EU

“The product everyone in recruitment marketing has been afraid of is going live soon. We are seeing more and more alpha tests today, as well as some leaked slides. The product is coming to recruitment marketing, and it will MAKE SOME NOISE [sic].”

AI-automated applications will become a real problem in the industry and drive CPA prices down.

“This is a no-brainer. If the adoption of AI-application automation tools continues in 2024, the number of irrelevant applications will increase, driving CPA prices down.”

The ATS Integration market will get in trouble.

“ATS integrations have become a hot topic in 2023, and tools like Merge and Kombo have exploded, but AI-automated applications will hurt the industry. Therefore, ATS providers will likely make it harder for application suppliers to integrate with them. How so? Simple – ATS providers will require additional steps in the authentication [sic] process or will require job boards to provide sufficient examples of how AI-apply tools are detected. Good luck with that.”

No one will care about X Hiring by the end of 2024

“X or Twitter has been making some noise in our space, launching X Hiring. Right now, the service is very questionable – there are many jobs behind a sign-up wall and very little product vision besides a job board from the 90s. Pair this with the overwhelming feedback that finding qualified applicants on X is not easy, and you have all the ingredients for a massive fail.”

An explosion of (failing) AI-Recruiter Startups

“It looks like a logical thing to do. Use ChatGPT to navigate the conversation and Boolean search landscape and summarize search results. I have little doubt that the technology side will work out; the problem is that LinkedIn is still the best place to find active seekers and profiles, and they don’t like their public and non-public data being scraped. So, even if you build the best ChatGPT wrapper, you still have the problem of getting profiles.”

What do you think will happen in the TA solutions industry in 2024? Email with your thoughts and we’ll share them with our readers.