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An Educated Consumer Is Your Best Customer

When selling technology, this much is always true: An educated consumer is your best customer.

Industry analyst Madeline Laurano’s recently published report on the talent technology industry revealed the soft underbelly of our business. According to her research, companies are using just 3 percent of the functionality in their ATS and just 2 percent of their CRM’s capability. It’s probably just as bad for job boards, chatbots and programmatic platforms.

Employers are spending a ton of money on our products and neither maximizing their ROI nor optimizing their recruiting performance. So, it’s no surprise that surveys are showing they’re deeply frustrated with our products, and that’s a huge threat to the viability of our industry.

How can you protect your company? Encourage your customers to take the TAtech Learning & Certification Program in Talent Technology Implementation Management and earn their Certified Technology Implementation Professional (CTIP) credential. Better yet, pay the small fee for them to do so – it’s an investment that will pay huge dividends in customer satisfaction and loyalty!

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