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The TAtech Learning & Certification Program

In Talent Technology Implementation Management

The TAtech Talent Technology Implementation Management Learning & Certification Program provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art education in the processes and practices for effectively introducing technology-based talent acquisition products into enterprise employers and small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). It is the only such program designed specifically for HR and Talent Acquisition leaders and professionals.

The Education You’ll Receive

Whether your organization has purchased or is considering the purchase of:

  • any form of internally implemented talent technology – from applicant tracking systems and chatbots to programmatic ad buying platforms and candidate relationship management systems; and/or
  • recruitment advertising services from any external technology provider – from job boards and job search engines to social media sites and talent marketplaces; this program will introduce the skills and knowledge that will enable you to ensure its success.

What’s success?

Your organization will achieve two important business outcomes. It will:

  • gain improved recruiting capabilities as measured by the key performance indicators (KPIs) used to justify the talent technology product’s acquisition;
  • earn a meaningful financial benefit as measured by the return on investment (ROI) it expects and deserves from the talent technology product.

Why is an education program that enables and empowers HR and Talent acquisition professionals to deliver such outcomes so important? Why is an education program that enables and empowers HR and Talent acquisition professionals to deliver such outcomes so important?

According to Forbes, 54 percent of new tech failures are due to poor management, while just 3 percent are caused by a problem with the technology itself. Certainly, some of that poor management occurs during the acquisition phase of a technology-based product, but in many instances, that’s simply not the case. The organizational need has been clearly defined, the selection of a solution provider has been timely and well organized and the best product has been acquired. What causes the organization to experience a problem is poor implementation planning and execution. And according to IDC, that happens 20-25 percent of the time.


The learning program will help you help your organization avoid such an outcome. We know you’re busy, so it’s formatted as a self-paced instructional curriculum that was developed in conjunction with subject matters experts drawn from employer organizations, industry solution providers and academia. It has also been reviewed by the following executives in those fields:

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Shannon Offord

Vice President Strategic Partnerships & Alliances,

DirectEmployers Association

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Thom Kenny

Chief Data Officer & Director of U.S. Special Operations Forces AI & Former CEO Smashfly

member photo

Melissa Barch Katz

Director, Talent Acquisition Technology & Programs


member photo

Shelia Gray

VP of Talent Acquisition

Generac Power Systems

member photo

Gerri Allamby

Associate Compliance & Diversity Manager


member photo

Justin Clem

Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition and Talent Management


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Roger Lear


The Benefits You’ll Acquire

Completing the TAtech Learning & Certification Program offers HR and Talent Acquisition leaders and professionals two important benefits:

  • The skills and knowledge to lead and/or contribute to the successful implementation of a talent technology for their employer; and
  • The eligibility to sit for the TAtech certification exam, which if passed, awards the Certified Technology Implementation Professional (CTIP) credential. CTIP is the only credential in the world attesting to a person’s expertise in the implementation of talent technology.

How will the CTIP credential set you apart?

Talent technology is an increasingly important part of every employer’s strategy for prevailing in the War for the Best Talent. The CTIP credential attests to your singular ability to help your employer leverage both the power and promise of that technology. Lots of people have an HR credential and that’s good, but only you will have a Talent Acquisition credential and that’s a distinction your employer will value.

About TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Professionals

TAtech is the trade association for the global talent technology industry. Its members include AI and machine learning companies, applicant tracking system vendors, blockchain and data technology companies, job boards and employment marketplaces, job search engines and aggregators, programmatic ad buying platforms and networks, recruitment advertising and marketing agencies, social media sites and technology-related consultancies. Collectively, they power or operate over 70,000 sites worldwide.

Here’s How You Apply

Only HR and Talent Acquisition leaders and professionals are eligible to take the TAtech Talent Technology Implementation Management Learning & Certification Program. The fee to download the self-study instructional text providing a complete education in effective talent technology implementation is $275. The fee for those who have completed the self-study curriculum and would like to sit for the CTIP accreditation exam is $189.




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