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Behind Every Good Tech Are Good People

So often, the product is all you hear about when talking to tech company reps. And getting acquainted with alternative products is a critical element of good consumerism. But, so too is getting acquainted with the people behind the technology. That’s what Stepping Up is all about.

Stepping Up is TAtech’s webcast interview program that focuses on the good TAtech companies do – for their customers and for the communities where they live and work.

TAtech’s Chief Growth Officer, Stephen O’Donnell, interviews talent technology leaders and explores the vision, history and culture of their companies. He broadcasts from Glasgow every fortnight, so you can catch his show live or listen to a recording at your leisure.

Click here to reach the archive of show recordings. You’ll find:

Josh Zywien, Chief Marketing Officer of

Heather Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer of Recruit Rooster

Adam Gordan, Co-Founder & CEO of CandidateID, an iCIMS company.