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Enhancing Your HR/TA Credentials

As we enter a difficult economic patch, it’s important to make sure we’re in the strongest possible position to contribute to our employer. Those that aren’t – those who fail to enhance their skills and knowledge and thus what they can do for the organization – are at risk of being seen as expendable.

How can you make sure you have the skills and knowledge to be recognized as a valuable contributor?

Take advantage of TAtech’s Professional Membership. It’s free and it helps you gain expertise on your time.

Available only to HR/TA leaders and professionals recruiting for enterprise employers and SMBs, this unique self-development program provides you with:
A weekly newsletter featuring up-to-the-minute research on talent technology
One-of-a-kind connections with talent technology industry leaders
Exclusive access to digital roundtables on key talent acquisition issues and ideas
A free copy of the TAtech Talent Technology Implementation Management Handbook
Huge discounts on attending TAtech Leadership Summits on critical TA topics.

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TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions is the trade organization for the global talent technology industry.