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Job Board & Talent Technology Thought Leadership

By Peter Weddle, CEO TAtech

TAtech conferences have earned a reputation for delivering an attendee experience with a three-part value proposition:

• First, the conferences recognize that job boards and talent technology companies are not second-class subsets of HR tech, but rather critical, self-sufficient sources of support for both enterprise employers and SMBs. Indeed, their effective deployment and use by every employer is now a precondition for their bottom-line success.

• Second, the conferences enable business leaders to meet face-to-face and explore partnerships, product integrations, investments, mergers and acquisitions and other business-building relationships. For example, during the recent TAtech North America conference, attendees held over 800 meetings in the TAtech Deal Center.

• And third, the conferences feature content that is both engaging and useful to job boards and talent technology companies looking to accelerate their business success. By way of illustration, many of the sessions delivered at TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum are now available to the general public on the Conference Content page at

In addition, here’s a summary of just some of the insights and information attendees received.

Leading off both days of the conference were Wakeup Wisdom sessions held during breakfast. They were:
“I fell, I lost my memory, I built better technology” by Jenny Cotie Kangas, Director at PandoLogic
“Talent Acquisition Buyer Behaviors & Market Movement” by Sarah White, Founder & CEO Aspect 43

A total of five Keynotes were sprinkled throughout the day-and-a-half event:
“The Rapidly Evolving Talent Acquisition Landscape” by David Crawford, VP/TA New York Presbyterian Hospital
“The Increasingly Critical Role of Data in Developing Effective Market Strategies” by Pete Lamson, CEO Employ, Inc.
“The Key Role Investment Plays in the Talent Technology Industry” by Aaron Matos, CEO
“Quiet Absence: How Can We Solve the Lack of Women in Talent Technology?” by Renée La Londe, CEO iTalent Digital &
“Connecting the Dots Forward: Recruitment Advertising in the Age of AI” by Matt O’Connor, CRO PandoLogic

There were a number of panels and thought leadership sessions in the World Job Board Forum, the Investors & Analysts Summit and the Talent Technology Forum. They included:
“Embracing the Storm: Funded in 2023” with Anthony Alegrete, Creative Director WriteSea; Sloan Barbour, CEO Engin Sciences, Inc.; and Brandon Mitchell, CEO WriteSea
“How Broken is Your TA Marketing Model?” by Lauri Koop, CEO Aimwell
“What Equity Investors Want” by Corey Greendale, MD First Analysis

There are literally dozens of conferences every year that focus on employers and HR/TA professionals. Only TAtech produces events specifically designed for job board and talent technology company CEOs, their direct reports and rising stars and organized to deliver the content and connections that drive business success.

So, join us at TAtech Europe & The EMEA Job Board Forum, coming up on December 4-6 in London. Register today to take advantage of Early Bird Discounts.