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Nominations Open for TAtech Top 100 Summer Class

There are any number of programs that acknowledge the influencers in HR, but none provide adequate recognition of the thought leaders in Talent Acquisition. TAtech’s 100 Most Influential TA Thought Leaders fixes that shortcoming. Each year, it celebrates those men and women who are truly setting the agenda for innovation and understanding in talent acquisition strategy and management and talent technology.

To give the Selectees in each year’s Top 100 the visibility and recognition they deserve, TAtech will avoid a one-off announcement that shines a spotlight on the individuals for a day or two and then goes dark. Instead, TAtech will release the Top 100 in four classes, one each season. Each class will celebrate both the 25 Selectees for that season as well all of the previous Selectees during the year.

We are now accepting nominations for the Summer Class of the TAtech Top 100. To ensure the most deserving individuals are recognized, the TAtech Selectees are drawn from both employers and industry. To submit a nomination, simply email the individual’s name, title, organization and email address (for notification if they are selected) to Nominations must be submitted by August 31, 2022.