Too Many Employers Don’t Stand for Anything

In this episode, we delve into the facts and findings from the 2023 Talent Acquisition Research Report by Symphony Talent.  Based on a survey of 300+ individuals in large employers (2,000+ employees), it explored their process and practice challenges and needs as they deal with the shifting expectations and behaviors among job seekers.  The report organized the findings into two sections: The current state of talent acquisition (which, based on the report, definitely needs some improvement) and talent acquisition technology and services (with respondents indicating a strong commitment to the addition of new products).

As is our custom, we focused our discussion on three of the report’s more interesting findings.  First, we examined the view of the survey’s respondents that the process is the problem in recruiters’ ability to get their work done efficiently and effectively.  Next, we talked about the astonishing finding in the report that a significant segment of the survey population still doesn’t have an employee value proposition, even though other surveys have found that such a statement is essential in attracting top talent.  And third, we discussed TA teams’ growing reliance on talent technology and the key drivers in their selection of a solution provider.  As always, we try to tease out the key implications of the data for recruiters, and hope you find our conversation helpful.

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