TAtech Talent Technology Implementation Management Handbook & Job Aid


Recruiter surveys have found that 60 percent or more of today’s recruiters are dissatisfied with the way their employer has implemented new talent technology. This situation undermines their ability to meet their performance metrics and diminishes the company’s return on its investment. The TAtech Talent Technology Implementation Management Handbook & Job Aid solves that problem. It is the only guidebook that lays out a step-by-step approach to the tasks, interactions, schedules, and communications that must occur for the successful introduction of new talent technology. Get this book and you’ll get all of the skills and knowledge necessary to lead or contribute to a talent technology implementation project.


If this book doesn't rock you back on your heels, you're not a carbon-based life form. Part newsfeed realism, part unblinking research, part societal call-to-action, Circa 2118 presents a stunningly provocative portrait of the rise of super-C machines in the American workplace over the next one hundred years. Animated by ultra-intelligent, ultra-intuitive, ultra-empathetic technology, these byte-collar workers won't terminate our species, but they will terminate our jobs, our careers and our access to the American Dream ... unless we prepare for their arrival.


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