The Neonaissance


The Neonaissance: The New Birth of a Noble Democracy in America and the Two Mega-Crises We Must Overcome for It to Happen



Described by The Washington Post as “… a man filled with ingenious ideas,” Peter Weddle has authored or edited over two dozen books and been a columnist for the interactive edition of The Wall Street Journal and National Business Employment Weekly.  His latest book, The Neonaissance, presents the possibility of an extraordinary contradiction in America – the arrival of what he calls a noble democracy and the first-ever era of universal self-actualization– and the formidable challenges that must be overcome – from machines that are smarter than humans and a climate that no longer protects and nurtures them – for it to happen.

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If this book doesn't rock you back on your heels, you're not a carbon-based life form. Part newsfeed realism, part unblinking research, part societal call-to-action, Circa 2118 presents a stunningly provocative portrait of the rise of super-C machines in the American workplace over the next one hundred years. Animated by ultra-intelligent, ultra-intuitive, ultra-empathetic technology, these byte-collar workers won't terminate our species, but they will terminate our jobs, our careers and our access to the American Dream ... unless we prepare for their arrival.


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