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Recruiting Grabs a Seat at the Table Next to HR

Episode 8 of the Start Smart Podcast

Hiring has become a business issue, not just an HR or recruiting concern according to a new research report from Lighthouse Research & Advisory. The study surveyed 1,000 job seekers and 1,054 employers and collected its findings in “Hiring Is More Central Than Ever: How Employers and Candidates are Evolving in the Current Market.”

In this episode of Start Smart, we discuss several of the report’s major conclusions, including the growing visibility and priority of talent acquisition in the c-suite, recruiting teams’ growing reliance on talent technology to meet those leadership expectations, the primary kinds of talent technology in which they’re investing, and the lagging attention to measuring the effectiveness of their recruiting processes. In addition, we also explore the undiminished importance of compensation in employment offers and whether that trend means all the commentary around the new dynamics in the labor force is overstated as well as the report’s surprising conclusion about the length of time job seekers are willing to commit to filling out a job application.

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