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Recruitment Ad Data You Can Trust

The TAtech Declaration on Traffic Quality is the first-ever industry standard for reporting performance in online recruitment advertising by job boards, social media sites, job search engines and aggregators and other publishers. It is a voluntary publisher self-evaluation and reporting template, developed by an International Working Group of industry leaders established by TAtech.

The Declaration is designed to bring accuracy and transparency to traffic measurement for the online recruitment advertising industry. Why is that important? Because you deserve to know what you’re paying for when you advertise online. And to trust that data, you need to know how it’s being collected, curated and counted.

Job boards and other publishers can download the TAtech Traffic Quality Declaration template and post their responses on for free. That way, employers can see how they count candidate traffic. So, the next time your employer is selecting an online publisher for its job postings, ask their representative if it’s completed and posted its Declaration. If not, you’ll be shopping in the dark.