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Same-O, Same-O

Unfortunately, that’s the recruitment marketing strategy now being used by at least some recruiting teams. They’re doing the same things they’ve always done … despite the Great Dropout, the Great Resignation and the resulting Great Gap between the demand for and supply of talent. What’s the result? The Great Discontent among hiring managers, business unit execs and the c-suite. What’s the alternative? Implement a new suite of recruitment marketing strategies, tactics and technology designed specifically for a tight talent market. How do you know what works and what works best? Attend the TAtech Leadership Summit on Recruitment Marketing on April 25-26, 2022 at Boston University in Boston, MA. Sponsored by Bayard and JobSync and designed for corporate and industry executives and senior members of their teams, it will use presentations, panels and lots of peer-to-peer discussion to explore how to optimize recruitment marketing when what candidates want and expect from employers has changed.

And, to provide the optimum learning environment, we’re holding the event at Boston University. It’s a wonderful venue, but seating is limited. So, don’t delay! Register today and put your company on the cutting edge of recruitment marketing. Register today.