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Spend Your Time & Money Wisely

The TAtech Business Accelerator

Following up on the success of TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum, TAtech will hold the TAtech Business Accelerator, a B2B Leadership Summit, in conjunction with the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAS) in London on November 23, 2022.

Want to avoid spending a lot of time away from the press of regular work? The Accelerator is only a half-day event but jam-packed with value.

Want to attend a low-cost, high-value recruiting conference? The Accelerator is priced for those who spend company money wisely.

Want to meet other job board and talent technology leaders? The Accelerator will host industry execs from EMEA and around the world.

Want to have a little fun while doing business? The Accelerator leads right into the National Online Recruitment Awards celebration.

The TAtech Business Accelerator is the place to make contacts, explore potential partnerships and alliances, meet with new solution providers and keep an eye on the competition. It is a time-efficient, cost-effective summit for the movers and shakers in talent technology, including job boards, agencies, ATS companies, programmatic ad buying platforms, conversational AI and chatbot providers, CRM platforms, assessment and interviewing solutions, recruitment marketing providers and talent technology consultancies.

So, don’t be conspicuous by your absence.
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