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Supercharge Your Career: Become a Talent Tech Implementation Expert

According to research firm Aspect 43, “Nearly every organization surveyed in our 2022 Insights at Work study planned to buy at least one talent acquisition technology this year.”

Buying tech isn’t easy, but unfortunately, it’s only half the challenge. Once a company has made its purchase decision, it then has to implement the product effectively.

Talent Technology Implementation Management isn’t a core competency of most recruiters and HR professionals. So, those who have that expertise are able to contribute more to their employers and are more highly valued as a result.

How can you become a talent tech implementation expert?

Take the TAtech Learning & Certification Program in Talent Technology Implementation Management.

It’s a self-paced instructional curriculum that was developed in conjunction with subject matter experts drawn from employer organizations, industry solution providers and academia. No less important, it’s available only to TAtech Professional Members.

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