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November 7-13, 2021:

• Scary court decision for employers (including talent tech companies) creating copyrighted content;

• Massachusetts leads all states in startup investment per capita; Michigan brings up the rear;

• AR overtakes AI as the “most disruptive” emerging technology;

• New research finds nine red-hot digital skills employers are struggling to acquire, especially in the U.S.;

• Mogul launches groundbreaking new talent acquisition feature that filters candidates by veteran and disability status.


A Shout Out to TA Though Leaders. We’re pleased to recognize once more some of this year’s TAtech Top 100 Most Influential Thought Leaders: @AndrewBanever, @JuliCalli, @MikeWoodrow, @TomChevalier, @FridaPolli – thanks for your contributions to talent acquisition!

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Scary Court Decision for Employers (Including Talent Tech Companies) Creating Copyrighted Content

The creator of the original screenplay for the horror movie “Friday the 13th” could terminate his copyright grant and reclaim it, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers New York) recently decided. The outcome turned on the screenwriter’s employment status. If your business creates copyrighted material, read on to understand how the decision could affect you.

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Massachusetts Leads All States in Startup Investment Per Capita; Michigan Brings Up the Rear

Venture capital investment is a major economic driver in some U.S. states. In others, it plays a much smaller role. To get a sense of how states compare, we took a look at per capita venture funding across 26 states that receive $700 million or more in annual venture funding. To put it mildly, differences were stark. Results ranged from a high of over $4,350 per capita (Massachusetts) to a low of $110 per person (Michigan). The median was around $300.

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AR overtakes AI as the “most disruptive” emerging technology

A new report from GlobalData finds that professionals now believe AR will disrupt their industry more than AI. 70 percent of the 2,341 respondents across 30 business sectors picked AR as disrupting their industry most out of a selection of seven emerging technologies: AI, cybersecurity, cloud computing, IoT, blockchain, and 5G. Filipe Oliveira, Senior Analyst at GlobalData, commented: “This change in how people see AR will likely be long term, and not just a temporary blip. It is clear that people are warming towards the technology, even if they don’t believe that it will make a big difference tomorrow.” AI wins some ground back when it comes to confidence in the technology. 57 percent of the respondents believe that AI will live up to all of its promises compared to just 26 percent for AR.

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New research finds nine red-hot digital skills employers are struggling to acquire, especially in the U.S.

Despite having one of the largest talent pools, the U.S. faces a major skills gap, with fewer than 10 qualified candidates for each in-demand IT and emerging technology vacancy. This is one of the findings of a report released today by global talent solutions leader Randstad Sourceright. The report highlights how growth in technologies supporting the internet of things, blockchain, cybersecurity, data science and other applications and services has led to an unprecedented and urgent demand for talent. "The continued talent scarcity and skills gaps — most pronounced in IT and emerging technology specialties — is concerning to all employers," said Mike Smith, global CEO of Randstad Sourceright. "Companies need to respond in swift and informed ways by using data-driven market insights to attract and source highly skilled candidates. Employers should also consider expanding their recruiting efforts to tap into hybrid or remote talent pools."

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Mogul Launches Groundbreaking New Talent Acquisition Feature That Filters Candidates by Veteran and Disability Status

Mogul, a disruptor in the HR Tech and executive recruiting industry specializing in diversity, announced that it has launched a groundbreaking, patent-pending new feature on its talent acquisition software that will support recruiters in building diverse pipelines “Our new filters are a game-changer in this industry,” said Tiffany Pham, CEO, and Founder, Mogul, “Recruiters can now access millions of candidates in 195 countries, with never-before-seen specificity in search results. In literally a few seconds, recruiters can access the profiles of millions of top candidates who are veterans or identify as disabled.” Before launching its new disability and veteran filters, the Mogul platform allowed recruiters to easily sort candidates by gender and ethnicity. Additionally, Mogul’s talent acquisition platform does not limit the number of candidates in a search. According to Pham, no other talent acquisition software offers anything even remotely similar.

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The TAtech Learning & Certification Program in Talent Technology Implementation Management

Who gets blamed when a talent technology solution doesn’t live up to customer expectations? The solution provider, of course. Yet, research shows that the vast majority of such shortcomings are caused not by the product or its developer but by inadequate implementation by the buyer. To put it bluntly, most technology consumers lack the skills and knowledge to bring such products onboard, no matter how robust the provider’s own implementation support may be. What’s the solution? Educate your customer. Position your company as an implementation partner with its customers and enroll them in the TAtech Learning & Certification Program in Talent Technology Implementation Management. Your investment will be small and the ROI will be huge, both in customer success stories and your brand’s reputation.

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