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January 30-February 5, 2023:

• Scaling up recruitment marketing automation: Dalia raises $5M in Series A funding round;

• Dealing with the ChatGPT fallout: OpenAI releases new classifier for spotting AI-written text;

• Hollowing out employers: Survey finds a breathtaking 82% of employees plan to change jobs;

• Bringing light to the heart of darkness: Welcome to the Jungle grabs $54M in Series C round;

• Writing a larger account: Tribepad lands a £12m investment for its end-to-end TA platform.


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Dalia Raises $5M in Series A Funding to Help Employers Get More Qualified Applicants for Less

Dalia, a recruitment marketing automation platform that helps employers get more qualified applicants for less, today announced the completion of a $5 million Series A round. The round was led by Lewis & Clark Ventures with participation from the family office of Paul Forster, the co-founder and former CEO of Indeed, SaaS Ventures, FJ Labs, Remarkable Ventures, and others. The capital will be used to expand its product suite, which maximizes career site conversion rates to make recruitment marketing budgets more efficient and invest further in sales and marketing. Since its founding in 2019, Dalia has streamlined recruitment marketing by helping employers reach and convert their lost job seeker traffic with hyper-personalized engagement at scale. It is now the preferred recruitment marketing automation solution for mid-market and enterprise companies including Compass Group, Ryder, Valvoline, Brink’s, Baptist Health South Florida, PeopleReady, and many others.

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OpenAI releases new classifier for indicating AI-written text

We’ve trained a classifier to distinguish between text written by a human and text written by AIs from a variety of providers. While it is impossible to reliably detect all AI-written text, we believe good classifiers can inform mitigations for false claims that AI-generated text was written by a human: for example, running automated misinformation campaigns, using AI tools for academic dishonesty, and positioning an AI chatbot as a human. Our classifier is not fully reliable. In our evaluations on a “challenge set” of English texts, our classifier correctly identifies 26% of AI-written text (true positives) as “likely AI-written,” while incorrectly labeling human-written text as AI-written 9% of the time (false positives). Our classifier’s reliability typically improves as the length of the input text increases. Compared to our previously released classifier, this new classifier is significantly more reliable on text from more recent AI systems. We’re making this classifier publicly available to get feedback on whether imperfect tools like this one are useful. Our work on the detection of AI-generated text will continue, and we hope to share improved methods in the future.

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Most employees plan to quit this year

Business leaders have been warned of a potential exodus of talent in 2023, with a new report finding that more than eight in 10 employees are planning to find a new job this year. A global survey of 750 professionals by HR software company Leapsome found that 82% of full-time employees plan to change jobs in the next 12 months, with nearly half (46%) planning to do so within the next six months. Of those employees planning to quit, 77% cited their company’s performance review process as a major contributing factor, with compensation and benefits (76%) and work-life balance (74%) also ranking highly. Leapsome’s 2023 State of People Enablement Survey Report included responses from 375 HR leaders and 375 full-time employees at companies in the U.S., Germany and throughout Europe. It found that ongoing economic uncertainties and job market turbulence were having little effect on employees’ determination to seek out more rewarding roles that offer better pay, more flexibility and the opportunity to develop their skills. The report [also] identified a problematic disconnect between HR and employee perspectives in regards to job engagement: While 95% of HR leaders surveyed believed that workers were at least somewhat engaged, almost two-thirds (64%) of employees reported being somewhat disengaged with their work. In fact, just 36% of employees said they were engaged at work — presenting a significant retention challenge for HR and business leaders in the year ahead.

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Welcome to the Jungle grabs $54M for its slick job platform

French startup Welcome to the Jungle has raised a new $54 million (€50 million) Series C round. The startup helps other companies recruit new employees more easily by creating sophisticated profiles packed with a ton of information. In particular, Welcome to the Jungle sends a photo and video crew to your office so that they can shoot some high-quality photos and record some quick interviews with employees. Essentially, a profile on the platform should look like a feature article in a fancy magazine. Clients also add job openings and more information about benefits, corporate culture and the existing team. Job seekers can then browse job offers and learn more about companies on Welcome to the Jungle’s job board. The startup has also developed its own applicant tracking system, and some companies use the platform directly for their hiring processes. And if you want to recruit more easily, companies can also optionally pay for exclusive content, boosted job offers, more metrics and integrations with third-party recruitment tools.

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£12M BGF Investment for recruitment software firm

A Sheffield-based recruitment software provider that supplies the likes of the BBC and Tesco has secured a £12m [$14.4m] investment from BGF. Tribepad, founded in Sheffield in 2008, has developed a talent acquisition platform that supports the end-to-end hiring process for a host of enterprises. Its software is used by more than 125 in-house talent acquisition teams at organisations including Tesco, the BBC, Grant Thornton, Subway and NHS Professionals. The company's talent acquisition platform combines application tracking system technology with recruitment advertising, video interviewing, employee onboarding, data insights and equality, diversity and inclusion tools. Today, more than 25 million people worldwide use Tribepad's software to power their job searches. BGF's investment will enable Tribepad to scale its offering, allowing even more companies to recruit the right people effectively and fairly, as well as develop new features and functionality to enhance the overall user experience.

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