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March 27-April 2, 2023:

• Issuing a public plea: An open letter signed by thousands asks to pause AI lab development;

• Making the most of a difficult situation: TA pros turn to growing talent pipelines as hiring slows;

• Launching tech talent solution: Software company Allow Digital intros Deploy for vetted techies;

• Announcing new programmatic solution: Recruitics launches Automated Marketing Platform;

• Evaluating tech solutions for bias: FairNow emerges from stealth to help employers know more.


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Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter with Thousands of Signatories

AI systems with human-competitive intelligence can pose profound risks to society and humanity, as shown by extensive research[1] and acknowledged by top AI labs.[2] As stated in the widely-endorsed Asilomar AI Principles, Advanced AI could represent a profound change in the history of life on Earth, and should be planned for and managed with commensurate care and resources. Unfortunately, this level of planning and management is not happening, even though recent months have seen AI labs locked in an out-of-control race to develop and deploy ever more powerful digital minds that no one – not even their creators – can understand, predict, or reliably control.

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The silver lining to a hiring slowdown? TA pros are building talent pipelines to prepare for a rebound

Building talent pipelines to prepare for a hiring rebound is the No. 1 activity talent acquisition teams engage in during an economic slowdown, according to the nearly 700 TA professionals who responded to a recent survey by recruiting solutions firm Gem. TA teams’ most difficult challenge is finding quality candidates; 61% of TA pros from smaller organizations and 57% of those from larger organizations say it’s an issue. They said they plan to use their tech stacks (applicant tracking systems, candidate sourcing software and recruitment marketing and interview scheduling tools, among the most popular) to meet the challenge; most will use the data to uncover the best hiring sources and track passive candidate outreach. Another issue: Only 16% of respondents say they’re meeting their diversity goals and not experiencing roadblocks in their diversity initiatives. The biggest barrier for the bulk of TA professionals is finding underrepresented talent (53%), followed by moving underrepresented candidates through the hiring funnel (29%) and retaining underrepresented employees (17%).

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Techies Launch Deploy: New Tech Talent Hub Matches Fully Vetted Tech Pros with Companies

Custom software development company Alloy Digital has announced the launch of Deploy, a talent solutions firm comprising a community of highly vetted technology professionals. As the name suggests, tech pros are ready for deployment into staff augmentation gigs, or complex, whole team, solution-driven tech transformations. Companies report the main problem with hiring tech talent is finding candidates who are qualified to do the job. Often, hiring managers have difficulty sorting through candidates who are great versus those who are just good on paper. Deploy aims to solve that problem. Here's how it works. Employers outline what type of technical talent or project support they need. Deploy then engages its passion point of connecting people and technology. The result is fully vetted matches of tech talent to opportunities. The tech community is afforded opportunities around how they want to work, whether that's part-time, contract, direct-hire, or short-term gigs.

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Recruitics Launches its Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) for Staffing and Direct Employers

Recruitics, the data-driven recruitment marketing agency, is excited to announce that its Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) has completed its beta phase and is now in production release for all customers and companies, including staffing agencies and direct employers. “AMP is capable of delivering performance beyond our client’s best expectations, and we are very excited to make this technology available to staffing and direct employers today.”- Adam Stafford, CEO AMP is an advanced programmatic job advertising technology that optimizes cost-per-applicant (CPA) efficiency and applicant volume velocity by actively balancing market-level labor supply with employer demand. AMP is purpose-built for high volume hiring – AMP’s algorithmic bidding and advertising automation enables customers to achieve optimal candidate flows from pay-for-performance job sites across hundreds or thousands of global markets simultaneously. Recruitics’ AMP offers unprecedented delivery of value, consistency, and predictability across varied hiring needs in multiple locations simultaneously. Using customer-specific algorithms and hiring goal structures, AMP creates a high-level strategy that tailors candidate flow to each employer’s unique talent acquisition needs and geographies. The platform can also customize jobs, market definitions, algorithms, and goal structures, allowing recruiters to create automated recruitment campaigns tailored to each specific need.

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HR startup works to assess what technology companies actually use — and whether or not it's compliant and unbiased

McLean, Virginia-based FairNow, a three-person startup founded late last year, just emerged from stealth. Prior to starting the company, cofounder and CEO Guru Sethupathy worked at Capital One developing a people analytics function; he also was a consultant at McKinsey focused on AI, talent and analytics. After spending 15 years in the industry, he told, he started to notice that very few companies knew if their technologies were biased or fair. That understanding led him to create FairNow. “As I was talking and learning from others, I was realizing that other companies were not and they were just buying a lot of vendor technology and not knowing: Is it biased? Is it working? Is it fair? Is it effective? Is it even compliant at all?” Sethupathy said. By connecting with HCM/HRIS/ATS and other talent systems, FairNow uses a threefold approach to its work with companies. First, it executes an onboarding or discovery phase to figure out what tools a company is using — because sometimes leaders don’t even know what tools their subordinates use. Second, FairNow monitors and generates automated reports on compliance, making note of changing state and local laws and general compliance audits that companies can take to their legal staff. Finally, it pulls insights from the company — i.e. if there’s some bias or problem and where it is — so companies can dig in and solve any issues.

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Doing Deals is at the Center of TAtech North America

The TAtech Deal Center is a central feature of TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum, coming up in Austin, Texas USA on May 22-24, 2023. The conference provides plenty of worldclass content, of course, but the Deal Center adds a whole additional level of value. It provides conference attendees with a place to meet and talk about partnerships and alliances and product integrations and to explore deals that could accelerate their market growth and profitability. Whether your company is a job board, aggregator, talent marketplace, programmatic platform, conversational AI solution, chatbot, ATS, recruitment marketing solution, recruitment advertising agency, CRM platform, interviewing or assessment system or talent technology consultancy, this event is specifically designed to advance your bottom-line success. So, don’t miss this unique opportunity to supercharge your company. Register today.