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TAtech Announces Top 100 TA Thought Leaders

TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions is pleased to announce the 2022 Winter Class of the Top 100 Most Influential Talent Acquisition Thought Leaders.

This list of extraordinary men and women is different in two ways:
• First, unlike traditional HR recognition lists, it doesn’t treat Talent Acquisition as an afterthought, but instead focuses exclusively on the innovators and idea creators in recruiting.
• And second, it doesn’t publish a one-and-done list that’s quickly forgotten, but instead releases its list in four classes, one each season, ensuring that the recognition continues all year long.

The 2022 Winter Class is also special because it includes the third husband-and-wife team in the Top 100. Two of the Selectees work for organizations in the healthcare field. Two work for employers in agriculture, and two are employed by organizations devoted to advancing diversity. In addition:
• One of the Selectees is a former English teacher who earlier in her career took “3.5 Months Around the World.”
• Another describes himself as “Vice President of Recruiting, Fry Cook & Cashier” at his fast food employer.
• And, a third has announced that he plans to work remotely from the “sunny island” of Ibiza, starting later this year.

A third of the Selectees currently work for employers and are located in North America or the European Union. Selectees among solution providers are based in North America, the EU and Australia. Better than four-in-ten (44 percent) are women.

To see the 2022 Winter Class Selectees and the entire 2021 Class, please click here.