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TAtech’s Exclusive Roundtables

Designed for TAtech’s Professional Members, but now open to the public, TAtech’s Exclusive Roundtables are 30-minute webinars featuring some of the most insightful TA thought leaders tackling some of the toughest topics in talent acquisition. Think of them as programs where you can see the forest as well as the trees.

Last quarter, the Roundtable addressed The Role of Technology in an Out-of-Sync Talent Market.

What is an out-of-sync talent market? The U.S. Department of Labor JOLTS report indicates that there are still almost two job openings for every one job seeker. The U.S. Federal Reserve considers the economy to be at Full Employment when the workforce has an unemployment rate of 5.0-5.2 percent. Today, it’s 3.5 percent. In short, there simply isn’t enough talent to go around. Which begs the question: What’s the best way to leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage in a market that’s so out-of-sync?

Click here to listen. And come back in February for this quarter’s Roundtable: What Impact will ChatGPT have on talent acquisition in 2023 & beyond?

And, in case you’re wondering, TAtech’s Professional Member program is a free opportunity for HR/TA leaders and professionals recruiting for enterprise employers and SMBs. It connects them with the latest research and developments in talent technology and with the thought leaders who are pushing the envelope in the recruitment industry.