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The Essential Recalibration of Recruitment Marketing

Habit destroys effectiveness in a changing environment. And, today’s candidate landscape is unlike any in the previous 50 years. So, conducting recruitment marketing as it’s always been done is a formula for … well, for disaster. What has to happen instead is a recalibration of recruitment marketing strategies and tactics for the new reality of a tight talent market.

Determining the best ways to implement such a recalibration is what the TAtech Leadership Summit on Recruitment Marketing is all about. It will explore everything from talent pool development and passive prospect communication to career site development and management and the crafting of a compelling brand in a market where there’s a huge imbalance between open jobs and job seekers.

The Summit will be held on April 25-26, 2022 in an intimate, academic setting at Boston University. Unlike mega HR conferences, it is specifically designed for corporate and industry executives and senior members of their teams.

If that’s you, register today to make sure you get in on the best practices for recalibrating recruitment marketing for a tight talent market.