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VHS Recruitment Marketing

VHS Recruitment Marketing describes TA practices as out-of-date as those tapes you have stuffed in an old box somewhere. They were state-of-the-art in the 1990s and are obsolete today.

Then, why are they still being used by so many recruiting teams? Because there’s been practically no information anywhere about the power and promise of new recruitment marketing strategies and technologies. Well, not anymore!

If you need to upgrade your recruitment marketing, don’t miss the TAtech Leadership Summit on Recruitment Marketing, coming up on December 1 at the Boston University Alumni Center in Boston, MA. You’ll get a one-day, deep-dive into the latest ideas and innovations in connecting with disconnected talent, building attentive talent pools, branding for today’s job seekers and more.

Designed for senior-level corporate and industry professionals, the Summit offers a world class faculty, plus:
An academic setting that will promote meaningful dialogue and in-depth discussions;
A program jam-packed into a single day to minimize time away from daily work; and
A highly focused structure of short sessions on innovative solutions and achievable results.

So, Don’t Delay!
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