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Why Bother?

Why bother to become a TAtech Professional Member?

The TAtech Professional Member program is TAtech’s unique learning and networking program for HR/TA leaders and professionals who are interested in talent technology. Here are just three of the benefits of membership:

It gives you exclusive discounts on TAtech conferences – TAtech is conducting three events this year in North America with more next year in both North America and Europe, and Professional Members get special discounts at all of them. These Leadership Summits are specially designed for HR/TA thought leaders and cover critically important recruitment topics. For example, this year they are exploring Technology & the Candidate Experience, Applications of Recruiting AI for Enterprise Employers, and Recruitment Marketing.

It provides the opportunity to hone your thought leadership and your brand as a thought leader – TAtech promotes the learning and influence of its Professional Members by connecting them with the industry execs who are designing today’s and tomorrow’s talent technology and by giving them priority consideration for the speaking slots at its Leadership Summits. It also keeps them up-to-date on new ideas and technology news in its weekly Professional Member newsletter – RECprose.

It helps advance your contribution on-the-job and, as a result, your career – According to recent research by industry analysts, the biggest challenge facing many employers today is how best to acquire and implement new talent technology. TAtech positions its Professional Members as the go-to-experts for overcoming that challenge in their organizations by providing them with the requisite skills and knowledge through its conferences and their free copy of the TAtech Talent Technology Implementation Handbook & Job Aid.

And no less important these days, it’s incredibly inexpensive. It’s simply a smart investment that both the CFO and your boss will appreciate!

Join today!