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Peter Weddle’s career has been shaped by the two most important waves of change in the world’s workplace over the past fifty years: the War for the Best Talent and the changing definition and dynamics of work itself.

Whether it’s been via research, writing, publishing or public speaking, his focus has always been on helping both employers and working men and women better understand the challenges and opportunities these two waves have unleashed.

Quoting from his LinkedIn profile, “We’ve come a considerable distance in our understanding of the modern world of work, but much remains to be uncovered and distilled. The quest for that emergent knowledge is what animates my day.

Welcome to a Talent Acquisition Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio. I’m your host Peter Clayton.

I’m happy to welcome back to the show Peter Weddle, whom I first met in 2005 when this podcast began, at the first industry conference I attended, Recruiting Trends, at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.

Peter is CEO of TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions. The trade association for companies and organizations that design, develop and deliver technology-based recruiting products and services. Collectively, its Members power or operate over 70,000 sites worldwide and offer solutions for every facet of talent acquisition. Today, Peter Weddle joins me with an association update, and insight regarding TAtech and its global conference footprint.

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