The Recruiting Service Innovation Awards or the ReSIs celebrate the Innovators and Innovations in talent acquisition – the sites, organizations, individuals, products and services committed to optimizing the RECRUITER experience™.

Why the ReSIs?

Sure, it’s important to optimize the candidate experience.  To accomplish that worthy goal, however, you have to first optimize the recruiter experience.  The only way to give candidates the respect and support they deserve is to give recruiters the tools and technology they deserve.  And, the ReSIs shine a spotlight on the innovative capabilities that enable recruiters to perform at their peak.

Who Picks the Winners?

What makes the ReSIs even more special is who selects the winners.  Other awards programs let so-called experts and pundits determine who comes out on top, but not the ReSIs!  It’s the only global awards program where you – the recruiters who actually use those talent acquisition sites and solutions – pick the winners.

How Do You Learn Who Won?

The worldwide ReSIs competition culminates in an Awards Gala that is modeled after the Oscars and honors The Stars of Recruiting Innovation.  The Gala is held during the TAtech Conference & Expo, the only conference totally dedicated to giving recruiters the tools they need to do their best work.  The Conference and Awards Gala will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada USA on September 19-21, 2016.

Now, Cast Your Vote!

The ReSIs ballot appears below. Please cast your vote for the sites, organizations, individuals, products and services in any three (3) of the categories listed on the ballot below. You can only vote once, however, and in only a total of three categories, so make sure your favorites win by encouraging your colleagues and coworkers to vote, as well.

Please vote for up to three (3) of the sites, organizations, individuals, products and services listed below: