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Connect with investors, analysts, influencers and peer companies all at one time, all in one place

TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum

May 22-24 in Austin

Meet Our Opening Keynoter

Watch a 10-minute webcast with David Crawford, VP/TA at New York Presbyterian Hospital & a 7-time Candi Award winner

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Designed to help advance your company’s success

The TAtech Talent Market Barometer

Get the February forecast for the state of the talent market

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TAtech Exclusive Roundtables

Insights and information on trending topics in talent acquisition

Listen to the TAtech Exclusive Roundtable on How can technology help to optimize the Recruiter’s experience?

RecAd Savvy

On the proven practices and innovations in recruitment advertising & marketing

Register for Recruitment Marketing in an Era of Changing Candidate Expectations with Sam Fitzroy, CEO of Dalia, April 6 at 10 am ET, 7 am PT, 3 pm GMT

The TAtech Talent Technology Buyer’s Guide

In a slowing economy, you need to use every available platform to promote your brand and showcase your products. The TAtech Talent Technology Buyer’s Guide does that on steroids. It not only shines a spotlight on a company’s products, it also differentiates that company and sets it apart as an model of the best business practices. Recruiters use the Guide, therefore, because it introduces both products AND companies they can count on. And only TAtech Members are included, because they alone have made an affirmative commitment to exemplary standards with the TAtech Code of Ethics.