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July 25-31, 2022:

• Offering custom career help: CareerBuilder launches a platform for Black Information Network;

• Vacationing is the new job search: Surveyed employees who work on holiday more likely to quit;

• Announcing Big Oral Brother: Toothbrush claiming to have AI technology baffles the internet;

• Bringing people back into the world: UK-based social app Linkup grabs $500k+ in seed funding;

• Ditching their most important asset, again: Tech companies launch second round of layoffs.


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CareerBuilder Expands 100,000 Careers Program with Black Information Network

CareerBuilder announced a new career coaching service that will provide Black Information Network (BIN) listeners with a free 45-minute coaching session. This comes following the announcement that CareerBuilder joined forces with BIN: Black Information Network to launch the 100,000 Careers platform created to connect 100,000 BIN listeners who are looking to advance their careers with current and future employers. As part of this initiative, job seekers now have access to personalized career guidance via a complimentary coaching session to help unlock their professional potential. The offering provides the chance for BIN listeners to meet with an expert within their industry and receive individually tailored advice and actionable feedback to help promote their career growth. During the one-on-one session, job seekers can ask questions, identify strengths, and work to define a career path that fits their needs. Participants will receive an individualized report that includes actionable advice and a video recording following the online session.

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Employees who work on vacation are more likely to quit, survey finds

Nearly half (44%) of full-time employees think about quitting while on vacation, according to a new survey by workforce analytic firm Visier. Twelve percent even used their vacation to look for another job, the survey found. More than half (56%) of the 1,000 employees surveyed said they stay connected to work while on vacation – meaning they did anything from occasionally checking email to joining meetings or working on tasks. Almost all employees (95%) who work on a vacation do so by choice in order to not fall behind or for peace of mind, Visier said. However, working on vacation seems to increase the likelihood of a post-vacation quit: Of the employees who thought about quitting while on vacation, those who stayed “very connected” to the job during their time off were 36% more likely to actually quit.

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Toothbrush Claiming to Have 'AI' Tech Baffles Internet: 'Big Oral Brother'

A Reddit post showing an electric toothbrush boasting artificial intelligence capabilities has gone viral, with commenters arguing about whether AI is really a necessary addition to our dental routines. The Reddit post, titled "This toothbrush, that's right, TOOTHBRUSH, claims to have 'AI' capabilities," shows the latest model of the toothbrush—the Oral-B's iO Series 9—in a store. The poster, u/PangolinPope, sketched a question mark over the image, displaying their confusion at the technology. The post has garnered 21,100 upvotes and over 1,700 comments within a day of being shared. The availability of high-tech toothbrushes isn't an avant-garde concept today. Presently, several brands have released electric toothbrushes, the most prominent one being the Philips Sonicare toothbrush, incorporated with Bluetooth technology and other features for personalized brushing recommendations. Then why the baffled reactions to Oral-B's iO Series 9 toothbrush? "Is it sentient?" asked one user in response to the Reddit post displaying the device.

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New Social App Linkup Secures Funding to Revolutionise The Way We Socialise

Linkup, a Manchester-founded social app that makes it easier to meet new people, has raised over half a million dollars in pre-seed funding. The app, launching in Q4 2022, aims to revolutionise socialising in a digital, post-covid era. The pre-seed raise, with investment from angel investors and high-profile individuals, has helped the team lay the foundations to fully develop the app and hit the market this year. Linkup is the trailblazing new social app that paves the way for like-minded people to forge new connections, and build friendships based on common interests. A post-pandemic society has seen people naturally struggling to get back out into the real world and build new relationships. Linkup is tackling this problem head-on by providing a unique free-to-use tool that allows users to connect with people in their area, right in the very moment, making socialising easy to arrange and enjoy. Sparking interest amongst big names in the entertainment industry, Linkup’s potential was recognised by a variety of key early investors, including famous Youtubers, Footballers and Music Artists. An app that stands for socialising, fighting loneliness and connecting people was incredibly potent to investors, who were keen to get behind the solution for such a fundamental problem.

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Companies Begin Second Rounds Of Cuts As Rough Employment Summer Drags On

While some tech companies have chosen to pause hiring or announce initial layoffs, others are gearing up for their second round of cuts. Private companies including Gemini, Gopuff and Hopin had a second round of layoffs in July, following staff cuts earlier in the year. The layoffs are among those that have affected more than 30,000 people working for U.S.-based tech companies (or companies based elsewhere with large workforces in the U.S., like Hopin and Klarna). While July wasn’t as active for layoffs as June (when tech layoffs peaked so far this year), the month proved to be popular for a second round, especially for late-stage companies. According to a Crunchbase News analysis, at least four companies at the Series C stage or beyond initiated layoffs this month. The company with perhaps the quickest back-to-back layoffs was Netflix, which laid off around 150 employees in May, and then around 300 employees in late June.

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