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Take Advantage of Early Bird Pricing

Yes, the fall seems a long way off, but registering right now for TAtech’s lineup of Leadership Summits can save you a ton of money and make sure you have a seat at these limited-attendance in-person events. Here’s the line-up:

The TAtech Leadership Summit on Technology & the Candidate Experience
(in conjunction with Talent Board)
September 27-28 at the Harvard Club in New York City, NY

The TAtech Leadership Summit on Applications of Recruiting AI for Enterprise Employers
October 24-25 at the University of Chicago in Chicago, IL

The TAtech Leadership Summit on Recruitment Marketing
November 30-December 1 at Boston University in Boston, MA

What’s are TAtech Leadership Summits?

They are one-day, one-topic conferences (with a welcome reception the night before) designed to promote bidirectional learning, crosstalk and networking between corporate TA leaders and senior professionals and talent technology company leaders and their direct reports. Held in higher educational settings, these unique events are known for their innovative content and collegial environment.

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