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The Efficient TA Thought Leader

As a TA thought leader, you face a dilemma. You know the state-of-the-art in talent acquisition is always advancing, and you have precious little time with which to keep up.

What’s the solution?

Attend TAtech’s one-day, one-topic Leadership Summits that will be held this fall. They’re designed for the efficient TA thought leader. They’ll keep you up-to-the-minute on the latest developments in critical areas of talent acquisition and take you away from your desk for only a single day, plus they’ll do all that with a registration fee so low even the CFO will smile.

Seating is limited, however, so act now. Register to attend one of the following Summits, or better yet, make it your own personal continuing education program and attend all three.

The TAtech Leadership Summit on Technology & the Candidate Experience
(in conjunction with Talent Board)
September 28 at the Harvard Club in New York City, NY

The TAtech Leadership Summit on Applications of Recruiting AI for Enterprise Employers
October 25 at the University of Chicago in Chicago, IL

The TAtech Leadership Summit on Recruitment Marketing
December 1 at Boston University in Boston, MA