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Are Corporate Travel Restrictions Holding You Back?

Thanks to the continued spread of Covid, many companies have continued their restrictions on corporate travel. That means no conference attendance and no meetings with talent technology companies, even as there’s no reduction in hiring requirements and no loosening of quality of hire goals.

It’s an information void on top of a workload crush.

How can you relieve the pressure? Become a TAtech Professional Member and build your talent technology skills and knowledge without getting on a plane.

TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions is the trade association for the global talent technology industry, so it will give you two unique advantages that will amplify your success:
• It will acquaint you with the latest research and most promising innovations in the field and
• It will connect you with the execs and senior staff of leading companies in the industry.

It will enable you to establish yourself as a subject matter expert in one of the most important areas of recruiting these days – the state-of-the-art in and potential applications of talent technology – and to do so despite travel restrictions. And when you’re free to hit the road once again, TAtech will be your go-to resource then as well.

Later this year, TAtech is conducting not one, not two, but three in-person conferences:
The TAtech Leadership Summit on Technology & the Candidate Experience
The TAtech Leadership Summit on Applications of Recruiting AI for Enterprise Employers
The TAtech Leadership Summit on Recruitment Marketing.

The cost of the annual membership is less than $100, but more importantly, it’s the best investment you can make in your career. While there are corporate travel restrictions and when there aren’t. Join today!